Facing Efflorescence In Balcony? Tips To Reduce It

Efflorescence is a common issue that many homeowners encounter on their balconies. It manifests as a white, powdery deposit on the surface of bricks, concrete, or stone, caused by water-soluble salts migrating to the surface as water evaporates. While it’s generally not harmful, efflorescence can be an “ungodly” sight and may indicate underlying moisture problems. […]

All That You Need to Know About Balcony Waterproofing

Balconies, despite being an attached space of your home, remain more or less exposed to elements 24×7. Thus, they face the brunt of Mother Nature, and that takes a huge toll on the structural integrity of the balconies with the passing of time. Therefore, you need to ensure that your balcony is properly protected against […]

Why Should You Prioritise Waterproofing Your Concrete Balcony?

There is no homeowner who doesn’t count on the prolonged life of their home’s concrete balcony. In fact, everyone does and always looks forward to greatly contributing to this factor. But there are times when you don’t pay attention to them, and, thereby, their longevity starts to suffer. It is extremely important for you to […]