Waterproofing in Perth: Why is it needed and what are the steps involved in it?

It is important to make your property impervious to water as continuous seepage weakens the structural integrity of your property. Effective waterproofing in Perth can help you save your property from water damage. It also saves your property from dampness and moisture. Waterproofing involves adding a protective layer that prevents the flow of water. If you wish to know about the benefits of waterproofing in detail, then read below. 

What are the benefits of waterproofing? 

1) Protects your house from water intrusion

If water damage is visible on the concrete surface, then that means the substructure is also damaged. By preventing the entry of moisture and water, waterproofing strengthens the structure of your house. With sound waterproofing in Perth, you can increase the life of your property. Moreover, concrete waterproofing can avoid the damage caused by deterioration, corrosion and rotting.

2) Prevents health issues

Continuous build-up of moisture can lead to the growth of mould. Presence of such microorganisms in your house can weaken your immunity and cause dangerous health problems like asthma. Effective waterproofing can prevent the build-up of mould ensuring safety of your family members. 

3) Minimises maintenance costs

Making an investment in waterproofing your property can help you save heavy costs on repair. Water damage can bring in many problems along with it. Continuous flowing water can impact woodwork, paint jobs and electrical work. Sound waterproofing at the time of construction can reduce maintenance costs. 

4) Healthy living environment

Impactful waterproofing in Perth helps you have a healthy and clean living space. Application of right waterproofing solutions not only keeps the property safe but also safeguards the people who live in it. It’s true that our existence is impossible without water but its needless existence in some areas can put your life in grave danger. 

5) Increases the value of your property

Water leakages can terribly damage the structure of your property. Existence of leaks, cracks, dampness and moisture reduces the value of your property. Waterproofing maintains the aesthetic appearance and increases the value of your property. 

6) Keeps the structure dry

With the application of the right waterproofing materials, you can keep your house dry. Waterproofing involves sealing the cracks on the walls and floors, making the surface impermeable. When every area of your house is properly waterproofed, there is a reduced risk of accidents. 

Steps involved in effective waterproofing 

Waterproofing professionals perform the following steps to effectively waterproof your property. 

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the surface and make sure it is free from dirt, dust and oil. This is the foremost step that needs to be carried out for effective waterproofing in Perth.

Step 2: Apply the primary coating on the structure’s surface. If you wish to cover the surface with bitumen membrane, then use solvent-based primers. 

Step 3: Check the right alignment and then unroll the membrane sheets on the surface.

Step 4: Heat the membrane and then it will be ready to bond with the concrete surface underneath. 

Step 5: Hard press the membrane to ensure successful bonding with the concrete surface. You need to be extra careful and check that there is no overlapping to ensure proper bonding. 

Waterproofing in Perth is needed to keep your property safe from water damage. You get varied benefits by making your property water-resistant. It strengthens the structure of your property, keeps the structure dry and provides a healthy living environment. It also prevents the build up of mould and mildew on your walls. Moreover, spending money on waterproofing during construction can lower your maintenance costs. Complete waterproofing of the house includes rooftop, exterior, balcony, kitchen and shower waterproofing in Perth.